TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 2018 - 2:15 P.M.

Board Room of the Kathleen C. Wright Administration Center

600 Southeast Third Avenue

Fort Lauderdale, Florida






Resolution in Support of Family and Community Engagement Week,
November 11-17, 2018   (Resolution #19-30)   (SPECIAL ORDER 2:15 P.M.)


      Board Member(s) − Laurie Rich Levinson

      Presenter(s) – Nadia Clarke


Resolution in Support of American Education Week, November 12 -16, 2018
(Resolution #19-31)   (SPECIAL ORDER - 2:30 P.M.)


      Board Member(s) − Robin Bartleman

            Presenter(s) − Ana Fusco, Roosevelt McClary, Terry Preuss, Jennifer Lamont,
            Bernie Kemp


Resolution in Support of November as National Homeless Youth Awareness Month   (Resolution #19-36)   (SPECIAL ORDER 2:45 P.M.)


      Board Member(s) − Ann Murray

      Presenter(s) –  Carole Mitchell, Melissa Banner


FRLA Educational Foundation Kitchen Remodel Grand Acknowledgement for
J.P. Taravella High School   (SPECIAL ORDER 3:00 P.M.)


      Board Member(s) − Donna P. Korn

      Presenter(s) − Linsey Norris, Scott Goodman, Ramola R. Motwani


Resolution in Support of Native American Heritage Month, November 2018
(Resolution #19-37)   (SPECIAL ORDER 3:15 P.M.)


      Board Member(s) − Ann Murray

                        Presenter(s) – Tom Albano


Resolution in Support of Diabetes Awareness Month, November 2018
(Resolution #19-38)   (SPECIAL ORDER 3:30 P.M.)


      Presenter(s) − Sheila O'Neal-Brown, Antonia Lupari, Jersey College


Florida Healthy School District Presentation  (SPECIAL ORDER 3:45 P.M.)


      Presenter(s) − Abiodun "Abbey" Adeagbo


Resolution in Support of Children's Grief Awareness Day, November 15, 2018
(Resolution #19-34)   (SPECIAL ORDER - 4:00 P.M.)


      Board Member(s) − Nora Rupert

      Presenter(s) − Abby Mosher, Jade


Resolution in Support of National Adoption Day, November 18, 2018   (Resolution #19-35)   (SPECIAL ORDER 4:15 P.M.)


      Board Member(s) − Nora Rupert

      Presenter(s) − Nandranie Busjit Bhalai, Dre Johnson




PURSUANT TO FLORIDA STATUTE 286.0105: If a person decides to appeal any decision made by the School Board with respect to any matter considered at a meeting or hearing, he/she will need a record of the proceedings, and for such purpose, he/she may need to ensure that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made, which record includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based.


PURSUANT TO FLORIDA STATUTE 120.54(5)(b)2: Telephone conferencing or other telecommunications media technology may be used in the conduct of this meeting to permit absent members of the Board or committee to participate and to be heard by those persons in attendance at the noticed location of the meeting.


Individuals with disabilities requesting accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008, (ADAAA) may call Equal Educational Opportunities/ADA Compliance Department at 754-321-2150 or Teletype Machine (TTY) 754-321-2158.